The Pursuit - Author Katie Ashley

The Pursuit

The Proposition Series, #6


Two things in life have always come easy to me: winning medals in competitive swimming and hooking up with beautiful women. Riding high from an Olympic victory, I was heading back home for my cousin’s wedding. As soon as I touched down, I was on the lookout for a post ceremony hookup. I had to look no further than the bridal party or more specifically the brunette bombshell who was the maid of honor. To my surprise, she not only remembered me from when we were kids, but she wasn’t my biggest fan. Undaunted, I set out to show her just how hot angry sex could be. While I’d fully expected a night of passion, the worst possible thing happened the morning after…

I fucking fell for her.

But to my utter disbelief, she wanted nothing more to do with me. I am a guy who has never had to chase a chick, but I’m about to launch into a full-on pursuit to make her mine.

This is a second-generation Proposition/Runaway Train series featuring Aidan and Emma’s son, Noah, and AJ and Mia’s daughter, Gaby. Tropes include: Enemies to Lovers, Forced Proximity, Reformed Player, and He Falls First.

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