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October 28, 2015

They’re BAAACK!! A Proposition Series Novella Debuts October 30th, 2015!!

The Predicament

Have you missed Aidan, Emma, and the gang? I know I have! Those characters mean so much to me. Since leaving them in The Pairing, I have so wanted to get back into their world. Over the years, I kept thinking that Casey needed a novella. In The Pairing, she’s finally given in to Nate’s desire for a child and is pregnant with a daughter due almost the same time as Emma(They end up being born a night apart because Caroline comes early!). I tried to think what motherhood would mean to a sexpot like Casey, and thus, the idea for The Predicament was born!! Unfortunately, I had other writing committments at the time, so it got pushed back.

But now it will be debuting on the 3 Year Anniversary of The Proposition’s release, Oct. 30th, 2015!!

Here’s the blurb!!


Unlike her best friend Emma Fitzgerald, Casey Rossi had never been overly maternal. She much preferred parties with Patron to Pampers and pacifiers. Most of all, she enjoyed a healthy sex life with her husband, Nate. But all that changed with the birth of their daughter. While motherhood is a thrilling, new adventure and her love for Nate grows even stronger seeing him be a wonderful father, Casey can’t ignore how stagnant things have become between her once steamy sheets. Between her exhaustion and Nate’s schedule at the hospital, there’s little time or energy for sex. She can deal with sporting spit-up stained clothes and a few sleepless nights, but she can’t abide losing the white-hot connection with her hubs.

No matter what it takes, Casey is determined to resuscitate her flat lining sex life. She starts out seeking the advice of her friends, Emma and Megan. But she’s desperate enough to try anything that she even solicits the advice of reformed manwhore, Aidan Fitzgerald, which turns into a fiasco of epic proportions.

Will any of Casey’s intentions be successful at reigniting her lost bedroom heat, or will they fail and cause matters to fizzle even worse? It’s one hell of a predicament.

the-predicament-post-imageHere is an excerpt:

After careening into the driveway on two wheels, Casey screeched her SUV to a halt just before dinging the garage door. Not even bothering with her phone or purse, she flung open the car door and sprinted up the familiar front walk. She gathered up the hem of her bathrobe to pound up the porch steps.

Just as she reached for the doorbell, she quickly recoiled her hand. Considering how late it was, she didn’t dare ring it for fear of waking Noah and Caroline. Instead, she started banging out a steady rhythm like Morse code on the wood. It took a few moments before the porch light flicked on, and the door swung open.

Standing before her with a bewildered expression etched on his handsome face was Aidan Fitzgerald. Barefoot and shirtless, he sported a pair of orange and green checked boxers—a subtle nod to his Irish heritage. In one hand was a longneck Corona and in the other was a baby monitor.

His blue eyes widened as he took in her disheveled appearance. When he opened his mouth, she held up a hand. “Out of my way, douchenozzle. I need to talk to Em.”

Aidan didn’t protest as she blew past him through the front door. Nor did he give her any grief about calling him “douchenozzle”. While she had first used it as a derogatory term against him, it was now a more endearing nickname between the two.

Craning her neck down the hall, Casey questioned, “Em?”

“She’s not here.”

Casey whirled around. Placing her hands on her hips, she demanded, “Where the hell is she?”

“Down the street at Becky’s for Book Club.”

Casey grimaced. In her turmoil, she had completely forgotten that Wednesday night was Book Club. More accurately it was “a kid free night hanging out with the girls while the wine freely flowed”. Casey would have been there herself, but Wednesday was Nate’s early night from the hospital.

At the prospect of not getting to unload her traumatic troubles on her bestie, Casey stomped her house-shoed foot like a petulant toddler. “Motherfuckingshitdamnhell!” she screeched.

Aidan snorted in amusement at her cursing. After crossing his arms over his chest, he asked,

“What could have possibly happened that warranted a ‘motherfuckingshitdamnhell’ situation?”

Gazing into his amused blue eyes, Casey did something she rarely, if ever did—she burst into tears.

Through her blurry vision, she almost laughed at the look of horror that stretched across Aidan’s face. As he shifted on his feet, it looked like he was debating tearing out of the room and sprinting down the street for Emma. That was something the Old Aidan from three years ago would have done—the one who broke out in a nervous sweat at the sight of any expression of female emotion. But thankfully, Emma had changed all that.

The New Aidan gave her the sweetest, sympathetic look. “Oh hell, Case, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have teased you. It’s obvious from your…” He motioned at her attire. “look that something is wrong.”

“No. It’s okay,” she reassured, as she swiped the mascara stained tears from her cheeks.

Placing a hand on her back, Aidan instructed, “Come over here and sit down.” With expert precision, he guided her through the maze of baby paraphernalia littering the living room floor.

When Casey sank down onto the couch, her ass emitted a high pitched squeak. She quickly reached under her to jerk out a fluffy pink toy. A smile played at her lips because her Olivia had one just like it. In spite of it being annoying as hell, it was the four month old’s favorite.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Aidan asked, as he sat down beside her.

Groaning, Casey tossed the bunny to the side. “It’s too mortifying.”

Aidan nudged her knee. “Come on. Nothing can be that bad.”

Oh fuck yes it can. Staring down at her hands, Casey decided to bite the bullet and tell Aidan the truth. As the flashback played in her mind, she pinched her eyes shut. “I kinda dozed off…” She swallowed hard. For a moment, she felt as bashful as Emma was when it came to talking about sex. “I dozed off for just a second while doing a…job.”

When she dared to look at Aidan, his blond brows were scrunched in confusion. “You fell asleep at work?”

Rolling her eyes, Casey then grunted in frustration. “No. Not at work.”

“Then what—”

“I fell asleep while blowing Nate, okay!” she blurted.

Her words had the same effect on Aidan as if she had slapped him. He shook his head back and forth like he was trying to wake himself out of a daze. For the next few seconds, he just stared ahead without blinking.

Throwing up her hands, Casey demanded, “Well say something, dammit!”

“Motherfuckingshitdamnhell,” Aidan muttered.

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